Definitely feel like I got answers. Luckily everything I thought I knew was already in the process of shattering ahahaha. It was a great experience that I'm glad I had. Would for sure like to do another ceremony again when the time is right..... Can't say that I've had a better experience yet this year. - May 2021, Evan


Where do I start? From the first moment we connected via email and our phone communication I knew within the deepest of my spirit that this weekend was truly in alignment with my journey. That I was ready to take the step with you along with our brother and sister. 

Upon arriving at our beautiful space upon mother that you had procured for us for our time together and seeing how we were greeted, I was excited and at peace. The entry smudge connected to my heart soul. I had a knowing that I was home. I knew I was held in sacredness. I felt the vibrations ripple through me and with me. 

Miigwech for your lifes work/ journey and all that you are. Your presence, compassion, strength, guidance, and wisdom was so powerful. The work we have done together was so important to my journey and your guidance, wisdom and leadership was pivotal to the teachings and growth that were acquired. I am so blessed that the universe and our ancestors brought us together so that I may take this journey in love and acceptance - diving deep into the self so supported. 

I am grateful for my introduction to relationship with the 🐸 This work is so sacred and I am blessed and honour that you are the spirit that held me in this journey. Saturday evening was magical and a return to my ancestors and the awareness of who I am and what I am. 

I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to working with you and the medicines again. We have always been connected and this weekend reunited us. So for that I am eternally grateful. 

Thank you for your teachings and the care you took over us. 

- MAY 2021 Grateful Brother



COACHING - I started coaching with Trinity shortly after my first Kambo ceremony. If you’ve sat with the frog, you know the healing effects of the medicine continue to benefit you long after the ceremony is over. It’s given me the opportunity, to dig down to childhood traumas that are buried deep inside of me to where the healing must begin. I’ve started the heart wrenching process; but not alone.

Life coach: a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. This definition doesn’t even come close to describing what Trinity is.

The decision to ‘fix’ yourself, for lack of a better word is no easy task. Dealing with intense feelings and remembering painful memories can be emotionally crippling and very difficult to face on your own. Without Trinity’s guidance and support, I’m not sure I could have continued this path.

She is so much more than a coach; she is a healer, a medicine woman and an IAKP practitioner. She embodies wisdom and brings meaning and depth to all matters I bring up to her, nothing is insignificant with Trinity. Although my journey isn’t always smooth sailing, I feel more at ease and confident knowing that I have Trinity as a coach; she gives me strength and empowers me. My life has shifted. I feel genuinely more happy, grounded and free since I’ve started working with her. Her insight has helped guide me to my truth and she has shown me the power of Spirit to heal my life.

I highly recommend Trinity to anyone who is committed to truth and living a life of freedom and love. She is a true blessing. I am grateful and honoured to have aligned paths with her. - Sam May 2021

KAMBO -When I reached out to Trinity regarding Kambo, I was going through a lot emotionally, mentally, and physically. I was on a spiritual journey with little guidance or knowledge and unsure of what to do next. I felt stuck and defeated living in this world. I knew I wanted to try something out of western medicine to aid in my healing. When an acquaintance mentioned her experience with Trinity, I did some research and instantly knew it was something I wanted to try.

I have since done three weekend Kambo ceremonies. When I first arrived at Harmony House, Trinity welcomed me with a warm smile and a hug. She gave me time to settle in then explained how the ceremony would take place and possible things to expect during the ceremony. I felt fully supported and completely understood every step of the way. In Trinity's presence, I knew I was protected, safe, and guided. She is compassionate, nurturing, and kind. I am grateful for the strength that she and the frog have given me and the intuitive conversations we shared as they gave me a vision of what is yet to come. My intentions are coming to life; a connection to my true self has put me on a path of discovery and truth, lifting the fog and bringing me awareness.

I have the utmost respect for Trinity and absolute faith in her ability to guide me to Spirit, my true self. She is a breath of fresh air, a beacon of hope to light the way in this crazy, dark world in which we live. I thank the Universe for guiding me to Trinity and plan to enjoy many more life-changing retreats with her and the frog. - Sam April 2021

KAMBO -Thank you for facilitating the Kambo Ceremony yesterday . Even though I  had experienced it in Peru 🇵🇪 I have to say that I prefer yours by far. I enjoyed your personal touch and was amazed by your knowledge . Today I have relaxed and reflected. Lots of different emotions came up and I embraced each of them with love . Thank you for this heart opening experience and assisting me to release, reflect & detox . I will definitely be back for more sessions . I’m in total Gratitude to you and the energy of our little frog 🐸 💕. Thank you for being YOU . 🙏 - Helen P, September 2020

KAMBO - When we first reached out to Trinity it became clear that we had connected with a powerful, loving, caring and professional practitioner. From the very beginning Trinity was attentive to our wants, needs, intentions and expectations for the medicine and ceremony. She asked us many questions to get a sense of who we are and what we are about, so she could hold space and help us receive the medicine in the best possible way. She also gave us great advice on what diet we should follow before and after the ceremony and other great advice such as limiting technology and social media consumption in order to give our inner self a chance to speak and be heard.

Trinity is very down to earth and has a strong spiritual connection to herself and the medicine that really helped myself and my partner be at ease and spiritually connect with ourselves. She was available to answer any questions or put at ease any anxieties before, during and after the ceremony.

Trinity held a beautiful space for us with a beautiful ceremony and administered the Kambo medicine whilst guiding us through this powerful healing and transformative experience.

The Frog has served myself and my partner well and we have noticed a number of great benefits and shifts and will continue to work on ourselves in the future. I thank Trinity for such in-depth attentiveness, beautiful ceremony and a powerful introduction to this wonderful medicine.

I would highly recommend anyone who has a curiosity about this alternative healing experience to contact Trinity and she will be able to answer in detail any questions you may have.

Much love
Aho Sean G/August 2020


KAMBO -Kambo is like nothing else you have tried. For me, the experience is different each time however the results of clarity, peace, lightness and cleansing are similar. I always have some apprehension going into treatment not knowing what to expect, yet Trinity always puts me at ease with her calming, and laid back approach. She always knows what I need and how to support me through my experience. We are fortunate to have such a caring and intuitive practitioner to guide us through this healing medicine.

Tish March 2020

I had two Kambo  ceremonies with Trinity. She is a beautiful soul. From the first moment I felt very comfortable. It was my first time having Kambo and I didn't know much about the process, She explained the whole ceremony and how the medicine works very clearly. 

I always felt very well taken care of and it makes a huge difference when you are in that vulnerable space. Trinity offers great support after the ceremony. She gave me lots of very important information and recommendation and helped me to continue my journey, I would highly recommend Trinity to anybody who wants to work with the medicine, She is a wonderful person and an amazing healer. 

Elena/July 2020

I have been the grateful recipient of Trinity’s energy healing. I was suffering from a very painful, lower back issue. I had been receiving acupuncture for almost 6 weeks when I started energy healing sessions with Trinity. The ambiance in the room was peaceful and Trinity explained the process clearly and answered my numerous questions with patience. 

After just 3 sessions my back was feeling better. I was able to sit down, stand up and most importantly do a yoga flow without pain! 

It has been about 5 months since Trinity helped me and my back hasn’t irritated me again.

Katie Wilmshurst
September 2019

I had the fortunate opportunity of having Energy Healing with Trinity twice in the past month. The visions I had during the process were incredibly beneficial from a life perspective, and provided a strong sense of grounding along with a new perspective on old patterns. 

Christina Curts
July 2019

I wanted to thank Trinity for encouraging me to try a healing session with her. This past winter I had a ski injury that resulted in a few weeks of a painful shoulder.

If you haven’t been to her for energy healing you should check it out. The room is warm, comforting, with candles and salt lamps that lead you right to a peaceful state.

My hour long session was truly amazing. I could feel waves of energy leaving my body, almost in a ripple effect. A few times I had some unexpected arm jolts due to energy shifting, but the comfort of being in Trinity’s hands made the whole experience calm through out.

After, my shoulder moved better and I had an incredible sleep.
If you have any form of pain, a feeling of blockage, I would definitely recommend a session or a few in the hands of Trinity

Jennifer Gilroy
July 2019

I was very fortunate to experience Trinity's energy healing this week. Beyond the fact I felt like I had gotten 18 hours of sleep following the treatment, the specific areas she was working on feel recalibrated and renewed. I still feel refreshed, clear and focused since our time together.

May 2019

Experience it for yourself